InoWood products come in six main colours; however, if requested, wood-plastic composite products can be produced in any desired colour.

The most popular standard colours: anthracite ( colour code – 09 ), dark brown ( colour code – 10 ) and muscat  (colour code – 03 ). Products of standard colours are produced within 1 to 3 weeks. Whereas the production time for products in non-standard colours is arranged with a customer on an individual basis.

Wood-plastic composite material contains natural wood fiber. As a result, the richness of colours may differ due to the exposure to the sunlight or moisture. The richness (depth) of the colour usually stabilizes within 6 to 8 weeks after the installation, depending on weather conditions. Also, each batch can contain minor variations in richness of colour.

Standard colors of InoWood products
Sand Color code 01
WPC-sand-farbe-nachdem-montage After
Cedr Color code 02
WPC-Zeder-farbe-bevor-montage Before
WPC-Zeder-farbe-nachdem-montage After
Muscat Color code 03
WPC-Muskat-farbe-bevor-montage Before
WPC-Muskat-farbe-nachdem-montage After
Grey Color code 08
WPC-Grau-farbe-bevor-montage Before
WPC-Grau-farbe-nachdem-montage After
Anthracite Color code 09
WPC-Anthrazit-farbe-bevor-montage Before
WPC-Anthrazit-farbe-nachdem-montage After
Brown Color code 10
WPC-Braun-farbe-bevor-montage Before
WPC-Braun-farbe-nachdem-montage After
Non-standard colors We can also manufacture products in non-standard colours as per individual customer needs.
Grün-bevor Before
Grün-nachdem After
bevor-blue Before
blau-nachdem After
Lehm-bevor Before
Lehm-nachdem After